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The main causes of liver damage.

  • Sleeping too late and waking up too late are main cause.
  • Not urinating in the morning.
  • Too much eating.
  • Skipping breakfast.
  • Consuming too much medication.
  • Consuming too much preservatives, additives, food colouring, andartificial sweetener.
  • Consuming unhealthycooking oil.
  • As much as possible reduce cooking oil when frying, which includes even the best cooking oils like olive oil. Do not consume fried foods when you are tired, except if the body is very fit.

  • Consuming raw (overly done) foods also add to the burden of liver.
  • Veggies should be eaten raw or cooked 3-5 parts. Fried veggies should be finished in one sitting, do not store.

We should prevent this without necessarily spending more. We just have to adopt a good daily lifestyle and eating habits. Maintaininggood eating habitsand time condition are very important for our bodies to absorb and get rid of unnecessary chemicals according to 'schedule.'