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Some Testimonials for Dr. Vikram Products - Real People, Real Results! Here are a few recent notes people were kind enough to send our way:

" My name is Edgar Padron, I'm originally from Venezuela but live in United States since 8 years. The purpose of this testimonial is for people who suffer of Hepatic Cirrhosis to see a light in the horizon in getting real improvements in this illness, and forward you to the real cure through the fantastic healing power of herbs. This is not a myth, they are part of our lives and we can't live without them. I've had liver problems since I was four years old, with Hepatitis B, and along my life I've noticed certain conditions which could worsened my health. I'm 56 years old now and since the last 10 I had to take seriosly this illness. In July 2007 an industrial chemical was used in my home for the construction company who made my house, and I inhalated this product which in some days after the inhalation my liver poisoned, and I was sent it inmediately to bed for about 8 months. The first two days I vomited many times a green fluid, lost nearly 30 pounds, I had fever and no apetite at all. I went to many Doctors, and when each time they saw me I could see a compassion face in looking at me. I had no cure,only a transplant is an option, they said, but is not a waranty either. One of the best specialists here in North Carolina told me that in a period of 8 months my condition would get so bad that a transplant would not be an option.

In a desperated night ,looking for information about Liver Cirrhosis, I found Dr's Vikram web page. Inmediately I had a feeling. I read it, and read it and investigated in scientific information about the herbs, and found that all the herbs of Yakrit Plihantak Churna were powerfull for restoring liver's function. Immediately I felt a relief of my worries. I got in touch with Dr Vikram ( In my own opinion, a very kind person, and who worries about others, expecting nothing in return). He explain and recomended me the Yakrit, the Purnava Mandur, Agrovardini Vatti y certain food habits I should avoid. In only 6 weeks my liver enzymes were returning quickly to normal levels. My apetite returned back. The urine color is not redish any more and the most relevant, is the level of Energy I have now. My friends, My wife who has been working with me in getting better has also surprised. And the best of all is that I'm walking up to better health. The Doctors don tell me anything, but I see their faces. They are very surprise too. All this is happening in just nearly four months. What I tell you is what I feel.

If you or a relative have Cirrhosis or any liver problem, do not doubt to contact Dr. Vikram. Investigate about the healing power of herbs (specially ayurveda, an ancient knowledge of them) Think neutral but positive and think the best for you. Is a matter of life, so act now !. Western Medicine do not have the answer for liver restoration.

I thank Dr Vikram for this oportunity to publish this testimonial, for leading me to where I'm now, and for being so patient and dedicated person with me."

Edgar Padron
North Carolina, United States

Dear Sir,

I'm bringing very interesting news about Mutra-krich- antak Churna you sent last month. We tried this product on a person that had kidney stones and chronic renal failure and the MD has advised him dialysis and in just 10 days the stone wasn't there. This person used only this product for the problem. Is it possible this churna to have such a strong and early reaction? The creatinine levels fell down from 12 to 3.6. Everyone is so amazed here.

Best regards
Kiceveski- Russia

"Your products have amazing healing power. Arjun Tea has been a miracle for me. Now I feel much younger and healthier. Thanks Planet ayurveda Team!"

Peter Tor, Norway

"I was little skeptical before trying health product from an online store. Initially I took Trim Formula. Not only your product delivered on time committed but it helped me a lot to reduce my weight and that too without any side effects! Thanks a lot ! I really appreciate your support and service!"

Yuriko , Japan

"I have no words to thank you. My mom was suffering since last 7 years from the arthiritis pain! Your "Arthritis Support" product has helped her to walk on her feet again."

Xioling, Ca

"I tried 2-3 products earlier also, but the true results which your product Male Support gave me are really great! Keep it up Docs!"

Robbie Stevens

" Being a Diabetic with High Blood pressure, I thought I'd try your product. I found it worked more than satisfactory."

Akon, AZ

"To Planet Ayurveda Products: Great web service! Thank you for putting my man back on track!"

Julia & Bik M, LA

Arjun tea Testimonial -

Hello Dr. Chauhan;

My name is Petri Gordon and the inquiries from Sharon Collins were actually for me. I have used the tea along with my blood pressure medication and my blood pressure has actually gone down. I've been reluctant to just discontinue the bp medication just from the fear of complications, if any. This is all new to me, but I would prefer herbal treatment and eventually not be dependent on the medication. I'm going to follow the advice below and may I contact you again with results or concerns regarding your suggestions. Thank you for your help. Regards,

Petri Gordon - USA

Dr. Chauhan,

I need one more advise from you. I have been taking Arjun tea for quite some time my job is such that I have to make request travels atleast two days in a week and during these days I am not able to take arjuna tea. Does it makes any difference ?
Now that I have been taking Arjun tea for almost 4
months and I am happy with the results my BP is normal
84 / 135

Thanks and Best Regards
Ayub - Secunderabad- India


Hello Dr. Vikram,
How are you?
Hope everything is fine.

I am sorry that I haven't written you in a while. We are selling your several products to close friends and relatives, and I must say that the results were amazing. They have been consuming the tea for few days/weeks, and are feeling great results.

The older "patients" are amazed about the effect the tea has on their sleep, and the not so troubled patients state that they feel more energetic than before.

This leaves us with a huge amount of optimism about the success of the Arjun Tea on the Russian market. We only need to get the permission and I feel that it won't be long when we will order a new shipment.

Best regards,
Kiceviski- Russia



Dear Dr.Vikram,

It was nice chatting with you over the phone and thank you forresponding to me email and assuring of the distribution rights forboth Malaysia and Brunei. I am personally consuming the Arjun Herbal Tea and i must confess itshas a good effect on the heart.I go every morning for a walk at 6.00amand i can feel the diference.I beieve everyone who has a predisposefamily history of heart and blood pressure should start to consume Arjun Tea as a supplement. I have 26 years sales and marketing experiance with Astra Zeneca a multinational pharmaceutical company who is the market leader for cardiovascular segment.I know that Arjun tea will play a pivoted role as a supplement for cardiovascular patients and people who have a family history. I look forward for your support.

Thank You
With regards and thank you-- Karuna chetty - Kualalumpur - Malaysia

To planetayurveda and Krishna Herbals,

I am very pleased with the Arjun tea that you sent me. I feel it has worked pretty good so far. I've been using it for about three weeks but only once a day. I just started drinking it twice a day for a week but now I'm waiting for the new packs I just ordered since I ran out. I would like to keep taking this tea. I feel it has helped my severe heart failure a bit. The service is great with great communication and caring from Dr. Chauhan. I can't wait for my next shipment of Arjun tea to arrive. I hope in the long run it will help me more as the months go by. thanks again for your products and service.

Richard from New Jersey,U.S.A.

Hi Dr. Vikram,

just want to let you know that I had all kinds of testing done last month and was told that my lungs are too good at this time for a transplant and they did not put me on the list. I find out in April if there is any progression. I am still taking all of the herbs and feeling really good. My cough is a lot better and my oxygen level stays around 97% even if I am walking for 30 min. or so. I walk an hour every day and take your herbs, nothing else. Thanks so much for your interest.

Patti Marshal