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Tulsi Capsules

Tulsi Capsules - Purely 100% vegetarian,herbal, Effective for chronic infections, acute sore throat. Other medicinal values of Tulsi are uses in Diabetes and even Cancer.

It is infact one of the most powerful remedies for Diabetes and low immunity conditions.

We are one of the best quality suppliers and manufacturers of Tulsi Capsules and Tulsi based products. Tulsi is a small herb, popularly known as Holy basil in west. It is in fact have very religious importance for Hindu community in India. Hindu's worship Tulsi for many reasons. It can heal diseases like Diabetes, Cancers as well.

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1 Bottle (60 Capsules)

It is most popular as a decoction or tea useful for acute sore throat or cough. The sinusitis or throat inflammation , fever goes away within a day or two.

We are using Tulsi extract, which is conentrated form of the raw herb. Instead of using 10 kilogram of raw herb powder, we have to use only 1 kilogram of extract and that makes it very very effective.This is why products made with herbal extracts are effective than made by herbal powders.