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Natural Remedies for Dysmenorrhea, Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbal Cure

Herbal Cure for Dysmenorrhea - Ayurvedic Medicines-Natural Treatment

Dysmenorrhea is difficult menstruation, usually with cramping pain.

Types of Dysmenorrhea:

  • Primary
  • secondary.

In primary dysmenorrhea the symptoms may include: nausea, low back pain, dizziness, vomiting etc. this is commonly seen in young girls and these symptoms are seen in every month for the first two days.

Secondary dysmenorrhea is commonly seen in the older women and it may be due to uterine fibroids, PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) or due to any other pelvic pathology.

Herbal Cure Dysmenorrhea Pack

Chander Prabha Vati Female health Support Pradarantak Churna Shatavari Powder
Chanderprabaha Female Support pradarantaks Shatavari Powder
(1 Bottle) (1 Bottle) (1 Bottle) (2 Bottles)

1 Month Supply

No side effects! Free Shipping and Handling Worldwide!

The above pack is for 30 days. Following is the dosage details:

Chander Prabha : 2 tablets twice daily before meals.
Female health Support: 1 capsule twice daily after meals.
Pradarantak Churna: one tblspoon twice daily with plain water.
Shatavari Powder: 2 teaspoons mixed with milk twice a day.

As per Ayurveda, description of Dysmenorrhea:

Dysmenorrhea is more common in Vata types due to dryness in the uterus, lack of proper secretions, or spasms of the smooth muscles of the uterus. It is often associated with bloating, gas or constipation. In Pitta and Kapha types, dysmenorrhea is a congestive disorder caused by stagnant blood and congested lymphatics. In Pitta types it is associated with a burning sensation or loose stool or diarrhea. In Kapha, it appears with edema, leucorrhea or mucus discharges.

General Treatment for Dysmenorrhea

Antispasmodic, muscle relaxing, and pain relieving herbs are used along with emmenagogues. Cyperus is a special Ayurvedic herb useful for menstrual cramping pain and can be used for all types. Myrrh or Guggul is also useful, as is Ashoka.

Vata type involves severe colicky pain, constipation, dry skin, headache, anxiety, palpitations, abdominal distension and gas. Treatment consists of an Anti-Vata diet with moist and oily foods.

Herbs are turmeric, nutmeg, asafetida, ginger, valerian and jatamamsi. They function better with demulcents such as Shatavari and licorice, which possess a soothing and cortisone-like effect.

Pitta dysmenorrhea requires cooling nervines like Gotu kola, jatamamsi, passion flower and hops. Kapha needs spicy nervines and antispasmodics - ginger, calamus, myrrh, Guggul, cinnamon and nutmeg.