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Ayurvedic Medicines for Cellulite, Natural Remedies, Herbal Cure

Herbal Home Remedies for Cellulite - Ayurvedic Medicines-Natural Treatment

Herbal Cure Cellulite, Weight loss herbs, natural weight loss pack


Cellulite is more a sociological problem than a health problem! Subcutaneous fat that accumulates under the skin and causes little dimples on the skin surface, cellulite is certainly not a disease. People with high cholesterol, who eat fried, fatty food and whose diet is excessively kapha-provoking, appear to be more likely to have it, as do individuals who use a lot of olive oil in their cooking. As cellulite may gradually lead to obesity, this condition can be seen as an early phase of being overweight.

In Ayurvedic terms, meda agni (the agni or fiery quality responsible for metaboliz?ing fat) under the skin becomes low. Unprocessed fatty molecules lodge there and create cellulite. The Ayurvedic aim in treatment is to kindle or enliven the meda agni.

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Trim Support Stholyantak Churna Garcinia Capsules Guggul Capsules
Trim Support Stholyantak Churna Garcinia Capsules Guggul Capsules
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Trim Support- 1 capsule twice daily
Stholyantak Churna- 1 Tablespoonful twice daliy. Can be consumed by mixing in water
Garcinia Capsules- 2 capsules twice daily
Guggul Capsules- 1 Capsule twice daily.


Regular exercise is the first approach. Walking, swimming, or other aerobic exercise is important, and at least some of the exercise should be "local" to the area where the cellulite is forming. In other words, if cellulite is developing on the thighs, don't restrict your exercise to weight lifting and upper-body development!

Watch out for Kapha

Watch your diet and be sure it isn't kapha-increasing. Minimize dairy products, sweets, cold food and drinks, and fatty fried food. Strictly avoid olive oil in cooking.

Vitamin K

Rub vitamin K cream onto the skin. This cream will remove spider veins and minimize cellulite.

Localized Massage

Massage the affected area with sesame oil and mustard oil, mixed half and half. After the massage, dust with a powder of the herb vacha (calamus), and rub the skin. This will help remove the cellulite.

Some Important Tips

  • 'Moderate' is the key word to lose weight. Having moderate diet and moderate exercise helps us in many ways. It helps to maintain both physical and mental health well. One who is moderate in food and exercise has a good control over his mind and is also physically healthy.
  • Many young girls who find themselves lazy prefer to diet. It is a very wrong perception. By diet one may be appear to be slim and trim but they will not be healthy. Even if they appear to be attractive in their teens because of 'diet' or 'crash diet', soon they will lose their glow and look aged at their early thirties.
  • A healthy person is supposed to have a very good digestive capacity and need not restrict them at the early ages. Instead having moderate food of all varieties and doing exercises regularly will keep them fit.
  • Intake of boiled vegetables regularly will reduce the effects of fat.
  • Intake of fluids frequently will also remove the water content.
  • Intake of lukewarm liquids like soups is found to burn calories.
  • Also one should always have their meals only when they feel hungry and in a peaceful mood. This will enable proper digestion and will burn the calories.
  • Even lack of sleep or stress leads to obesity. People who do not sleep well or who are under stress lose much of their energy and then carve for foods rich in fats and carbohydrates and become obese.
  • Diuretics like 'Punarnava' are also useful to reduce weight.