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Natural Remedies for Stammering, Ayurvedic Medicines, Herbal Cure

Herbal Home Remedies for Stammering - Ayurvedic Medicines-Natural Treatment


Causes and Symptoms

Stammering is a condition in which a person hesitates in the act of speaking& being unable for a time to pronounce certain syllable! or repeating the same syllable over and over.

Stammering is not due to any defect in the brain or in the speech organs, and may be described as! functional disease, or a bad habit, or a sign of diffidence, It begins in childhood and is a practice which one child learns from

Herbal Cure Pack for Stammering

Brahmi Capsules Madatyahar Churna Brahmi Chawyanprash
Brahmi Capsules Medhya Churna Brahmi Chawyanprash
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1 Month Supply

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The above pack is for 30 days. Following is the dosage details:

Brahmi : 2 capsules twice daily.
Madatyahar Churna : 1-2 teaspoonful twice daily, with water or iced tea or flavoured juice, after meals.
Brahmi Chawyanprash: 2-3 teaspoon twice daily anytime, preferably with milk.

another, just as any peculiarity of speech in one person is liable to be unconsciously mimicked by another. The actual cause of stammering is lack of co?ordination between the various parts concerned in speech. The organs or speech are the chest, correspond?ing to the bellows of a harmonium, the larynx, corresponding to the keys and the changes in the mouth effected by the tongue, palate, lips, etc. which correspond to the stops of the organ which modulate the notes. Just as all the three parts of the organ must work in co-ordination, so should the chest, the larynx and the production of sound by the lips, the tongue and the palate.

So much for the traditional view of stammering. The defect is due to a nervous state in reality and must be psychologically treated. The first step is to see that the nervous system is in perfect shape and is in full control of bodily functions as it should be. For that, one has to get rid of the malfunctioning of the body.

That can be done as has been indicated in the fore going sections on the various diseases of the body.


A stammerer should give up smoking, or if that is difficult, reduce the quantum. That would, in itself, tone up the nervous system. No alcoholic beverages should be allowed to a stammerer. Anything that excites the nervous system is tabooed.

Exercise in the open air is a must. Go for long walks, take to gardening as a hobby or do anything which will force you to spend a lot of time in the open air.

A majority of cases of stammering start with fear: a child might have been frightened in its infancy when shouted at; that might have produced a shock which gave rise to stammering in later life. A wise naturo?path should try to get at the root of the problem and if it is fear which has haunted the patient, the whole thing should be explained to him. A little bit of psychological approach, in fact psycho-analysis, is needed in such cases. The will power of the patient should be strengthened: he should be encouraged to introspect and rid himself of the fears which might have haunted him through childhood. The patient should learn to relax and rid himself of all the tensions which have plagued him. The best way to relax is t6 lie on your back in a secluded comer of the park or any open space. Let all thoughts of work or worldly worries drain out of your mind. Imagine that you are free from all troubles, mental and physical.

Inhale deeply while all your muscles are relaxed. Do not strain yourself while doing it: release your breath slowly. Repeat this process of deep inhaling and slow exhaling seven times. Repeat the sentence "I am well; there is nothing wrong with me." If this is continued for some weeks, stammering would vanish and you will speak in a normal manner.

Establish complete co-ordination between your mental and physical faculties. The above exercise will help achieve this co-ordination. Palpitation would cease and tensions will drain out of your system.

Stammering is also due to, though in a lesser mea. sure, lack of co-ordination among the three organs of speech. Establish that co-ordination. If there is any involuntary tremor in your tongue or jaw in the process of pronunciation, let it pass before you articulate your words. The best way to tone up the muscles of the jaw is to put your index finger in the throat and move your lower jaw. Move it slowly in a downward motion; relax the tension of the jaw muscles. Continue this exercise till the mouth does not open without your larynx coming into action.

Sit with a mirror and let the light be on your back. Reflect the sunlight through the mirror into your open mouth. Breathe deeply and open your mouth slowly. Reflect the mirror on your tongue. It should be sticking to the lower part of the mouth, if you have been doing your exercises properly. Loosen your tongue: it should never be stiff. If it is, stammering will result. Articulate the Hindi words" Kya ho". It is a good exercise to improve the functioning of your tongue.

After you have gone through the regimen described above for a fortnight or even a month, stand before a mirror for fifteen to twenty minutes and read something aloud. Breathe deeply before you begin, but you do not have to retain the breath for any length of time. Breathe slowly as you read. Pronounce each word consciously in a clear manner. Don't be afraid if, in this process your face looks ridiculous.

Pronounce the syllables clearly-it will need a lot of effort in the beginning. You may be stopping at your Ts and Bs or Ms. Make a conscious effort to enunciate them clearly.
Try to sing: a curious fact is that those given to stammering. usually do not stutter when they sing. Try pronouncing sentences in a singsong manner and later on, you can correct yourself.

Be regular in the exercises suggested above. It is the regularity and the perseverance which will pay dividends. Increase gradually the time of the exercises. Take a sympathetic friend into confidence and read out aloud to him: ask for his suggestions and go on improving your elocution: You would soon be rid of stammering.