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Home Remedies for Hearing Loss, Natural Treatment

Herbal Cure for Hearing Loss - Ayurvedic Medicines-Natural Treatment


Hearing is governed by an aspect of?vata known as prana vata. In older people, prana vata tends to get debilitated, leading to what is known as conductive or nerve deafness The person doesn't hear properly because the nerves become weak. To improve hearing, try the following natural remedies:

Take yogaraj guggulu

This special com. pound of Ayurvedic herbs pacifies vata dosha and strengthens weakened nerves. Take 200 mg. of this compound 2 or 3 times a day with warm water, after meals. Yogaraj guggulu can be ordered in capsules from many sellers of Ayurvedic herbs.


Avoid vatagenic foods such as pop?corn, corn chips, beans, raw vegetables, and cold drinks.

Keep out of cold drafts

Try garlic oil

Pour about 1 tablespoon of sesame oil into a small pan, and into it place 1 clove of garlic, well chopped. Cook till the garlic turns brown, then let it cool. While cooking, press the garlic into the oil. This helps the healing properties of the garlic ooze out and permeate the oil. The resulting mixture, which has an excellent fragrance, is called garlic oil. Place 5 to 10 drops (of body-temperature oil) into the ear. This will improve the hearing capacity of the auditory nerve.

Note: Oil should be used in the ear only when there is no infection.

Yoga postures

  • The Lion, Camel, Cobra, and Cow yoga postures may improve hearing.
  • Alternate Nostril breathing may also be effective.

Time to see the doctor

Ayurveda offers several recommendations to restore hearing or retard hearing loss. However, if these treat?ment suggestions don't result in any improvement after a couple of months, or if your hearing loss seems to be increasing rather than diminishing, seek a doctor's advice.