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Damiana (Turnera diffusa) - Health Benefits, Medicinal Properties, Uses, Dosage

damiana natural herbs


Damiana is a plant that is used in Ayurveda from many years back for its various medicinal uses. In ayurvedic texts this herb is described as a major aphrodisiac herb. According to history, leaves of this herb was first used in Mexico in form of a drink to increase love enhancing properties. After that this herb is distributed throughout the world for its powerful aphrodisiac properties. Leaves and roots of the plant is used to prepare various ayurvedic medications.

Leaves contain various vitamins, minerals, tannins, starch and other essential oils that are very beneficial for various health issues. It possesses anti-depressant properties, anti-inflammatory properties. This miraculous herb is good for treating male and female reproductive problems. Its anti-oxidant properties help to fight against various infections and help to repair damage body cells. Anti-cancerous properties protect body from the risk of cancerous cells. It is used to stimulate blood flow in sexual organs and also helps to provide proper oxygen to genital organs. Infusions prepared from dried leaves and roots are used for various health issues.

Plant Description

Damiana is highly aromatic plant that belongs to turneraceae family. Plant grows maximum 60cm in height. Immature leaves of damiana are pale green in colour and when dries, turn into brownish yellow colour. Leaves of this plant are about 25mm long and are very narrow. Leaves contain serrated edges.


Damiana is basically a Mexican shrub. It is mainly native of Mexico and it is largely found in South America and in some regions of Sothern America. It is also found in California and Central America.


  • Latin name - Turnera diffusa
  • Hindi name - Damiana
  • English name - Mexican damiana, Old woman's bloom, Rosemary

Uses of Turnera Diffusa

  • Damania is good for patients that are suffering with depression. It boosts up nervous system and relieves stress.
  • It is also good in obesity as it helps to reduce extra pounds of weight.
  • Bedwetting - tea prepared with leaves and roots can be used to treat bedwetting.
  • Headache - leaves of this powerful herb are boiled and vapours are inhaled to relieve severe headache.
  • Constipation - leaves are also very beneficial for treating constipation.
  • It contains caffeine that is a major nervous system stimulant and helps to relieve stress and anxiety. This is equally good for increasing libido and helps to raise the pelvic secretions.

Health Benefits of Turnera Diffusa

  • Damiana is aphrodisiac herb that is used to increase and boost sexual vitality. It is herb that is used to increase the secretion of testosterone and helps to increase libido and sexual power in men. It is commonly called poor man Viagra.
  • It is used to reduce anxiety and stress. This herb is very beneficial for nervous system. It works effectively to enhance sexual power by reducing depression and anxiety.
  • It possesses special properties that is capable of fighting against cancerous cells. It kills cancer cells and protect body from the risk of cancer cells.
  • It has anti-oxidant properties that fight against free radicals and toxins and protect body cells from various infections. It also helps to maintain the molecular balance of cells.
  • It also have ability to fight against various microbes that are major cause of infections in body.
  • It is also very beneficial herb for women as it helps to regulate normal flow of menstruation and also good for treating amenorrhea and severe pain and headache during menstrual periods.
  • It is also used as appetizers that helps to stimulate digestive system. It also aid with various problems associated with digestive system.
  • Damania is also antiseptic and diuretic in nature. It helps to treat various urinary tract related infections and also used to increase both frequency and volume of urine.

Medicinal Properties of Turnera Diffusa

  • Along with other beneficial herbs damiana is used to treat impotence and all other sexual disorders.
  • Damiana is good for treating reproductive and urinary system. It effectively treats urinary tract infections.
  • In women it is beneficial for relieving painful menstruation and it helps to relieve menopausal symptoms. It is highly beneficial for treating headache during menstruation.
  • In men it is used to treat premature ejaculation, spermatorrhoea and other prostate related complaints.
  • It is good for overall mental and physical health.
  • It contains various minerals, vitamins, l-arginine and ginseng that helps improve sexual satisfaction.
  • It is also good for sufferers of asthma and bronchitis.


  • Powder - 1-3gm
  • Infusion prepared by leaves - 1 cup daily
  • Pure extract - 1-3 milliters


Damania contains various active compounds that are harmful for body. So it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers. This herb interferes the function of insulin secretion so it should not be recommended for diabetic sufferers.