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Herbal Home Remedies for Rheumatic fever -Symptoms and Treatment

Herbal Cure for Rheumatic fever - Ayurvedic Medicines-Natural Treatment

rheumatic fever


Rheumatic fever : rheumatism accomp anied by rise in temperature and pain in the joints is a serious disorder of childhood which has a tendency to involve the heart. Modern medicine believes it to be the result of what is known as streptococcal infection and is treated with massive doses of penicillin. Infection of the tonsils caused by the organism sometimes precedes the onset of rheumatic fever. Lack of a particular hormone leads to disturbance of the tissues. But what modern medicine fails to explain is how the lack of that hormone is caused.

Herbal Cure Pack for Rheumatic fever

Sanjeevani Vati Aam-Vatantak Churna
Sanjeevani Vati Praan Rakshak Churna
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An attack of acute rheumatism begins with chilliness or rigors, fallowed by feverishness and a feeling of stiffness or pain in one or more joints, generally those of the larger size, such as the knee, ankle, wrist or the shoulder. The temperature goes up to I03P, the pulse is rapid, the tongue is coated and there is loss of appetite and constipation. The attack may pass off in a few days, but it returns with increased vigour and if it becomes chronic, the inflammation of the membrane, the outer covering or the muscle of the heart, may develop leading to serious consequences. Sometimes, the temperature rises beyond lO6P endangering the life of the patient.

Rheumatic fever is usually confined to children and adolescents; among adults it usually assumes a chronic form. If a child complains of pain in his joints, it should not be ignored because more often than not, the pains an indication of rheumatic fever.
The disease is in fact caused by the over-eating of acid forming foods; the daily ingestion of meat and demineralised starchs, refined sugar, fats and other unnatural edibles flood the human system with impurities which come out in the form of rheumatic fever.


The treatment for fever in an attack of rheumatic fever is the same as in other fevers, namely, fasting and keeping the patient on orange juice and water with a daily enema. In addition, cold packs should be applied to the swollen and aching joints. Whole body packs may also be necessitated if the fever rises beyond I06P as it is likely to.