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Scientific Name - Terminalia chebula
English Name - Chebulic Myrobalan
Sanskrit Name - Haritaki, Pathya


It is a tree 20-30 meters high. Leaves are 7.5-20 cm long and 5-10 cm wide with sarp tip. Fruits are 2.5-3 cm long with five ridges outer side. Unripe fruits are green and ripe are yellowish. Dry fruits are brownish-yellow and dark-brown. Fruits ripen during January-April


It grows in tropical and sub-tropical forests up to the height of 1500.

Part used

Fruits, Roots, Bark

Principal constituents

Its principal constituents are chebulagic, chebulinic acid and corilagin. In addition to these, amino acid, glucose, quinine and tannin are found.

Medicinal properties

It is Astringent, Purgative, Rejuvenative, tonic, laxative, expectorant, anthelmentic. It is useful in asthma, piles and cough. It is also useful in healing of wounds and scalds. It is used as gargle against inflammation of mucous membrane of mouth. It is used in Tanning of leather and purification of petroleum. It helps in smooth evacuation. It is an effective purgative and helps in removing toxins and fats from the body, resulting in their reduced absorption. So the main use of this herb is generally in constipation and removal of toxins from the intestines.


Powder: half teaspoonful twice daily. Or 3-6 gm ( For constipation)
Decoction: 30 ml.

Do not take this herb if you are pregnant or if you are suffering from dehydration, severe exhaustion, and emaciation.