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Chickweed (Stellaria Media) - Uses, Health Benefits, Dosage, Medicinal Properties

chickweed natural herbs

Scientific name : Stellaria Media

Common name : Chickweed, Mouse-ear, Satinflower, Starweed, Starwort, Tongue Grass, White Bird's - Eye, terweed


Chickweed is a common plant, particularly ghout Europe and North America. This low-growing annual has a thin hairy stem with pointed oval leaves. It Iuces small white star-shaped flowers throughout of the year.


The whole dried plant has been used in the 'Iaration of infusions. Chickweed extract has been internally as a demulcent, but is more typically used Jrnally for the treatment of rashes and sores. The :ng shoots are edible and have been used as salad nS, In homeopathy, the plant is used to relieve rheumatic pains and psoriasis.


Nitrate salts, a saponin and vitamin C 5 mg/1 00 g) have been identified in the plant.


Although there is an extensive base tientific literature describing chickweed, this literature

es: Chickweed infusions and extrac Shes and sores. Young shoots are focuses largely on its control as an unwanted weed. There is no indication that any of the plant's constituents possess significant therapeutic activity and its vitamin content is too low to be of therapeutic value.


Grazing animals have experienced ni?trate poisoning secondary to chickweed? Although poorly documented, human cases of paralysis have been reported from large amounts of the infusion. However, there is no overwhelming evidence to suggest that chickweed possesses a significant toxic potential.


Although chickweed is ubiquitous and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, there is no evidence that it offers any significant therapeutic activity. It is generally well tolerated, although the ingestions of large amounts of the plant may be associated with nitrate toxicity.

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Chickweed infusions adn extracts have been used internally as a demulcent and topically as treatment for reshes and sores.Young shoots are edible.

side Effects

Ingestion of large amounts may be toxic.